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Device Management (Asset & Inventory)
Device management (asset and inventory management) is becoming an important part of medium to large organisations. As business becomes more focussed on mobile technology, the management of mobile devices is emerging as a critical factor for organisations that utilise mobile devices throughout their workforce.

An effective mobile device fleet management system provides a method of tracking devices, ensuring devices are secure and maximising existing resources. It also accurately reports inventory. It is about keeping track of devices in real time which, in our experience is not undertaken by organisations efficiently or effectively.

With our online application, our clients can easily manage their devices by way of a simple asset registry, to hardware/software repairs and purchasing activity. Sydney Repair Centre Services provides a comprehensive reporting system to ensure regular reviews are able to be conducted which may give rise to business improvements and reduction in costs and waste.

Sydney Repair Centre Services offers Device Pool Management meaning your assets will be managed, maintained, be secure and can be tracked and audited.

Comprehensive Fleet Reporting
Sydney Repair Centre Services provides comprehensive fleet reporting ranging from services numbers and types of devices as well as other devices or assets linked to the device. We also provide monthly/quarterly/yearly reports which include, but are not limited to, current connections, new connections and disconnections.

Technical Support and Help Desk
The constant change of technology introduces new challenges to users when attempting to get the most out of their device.

Sydney Repair Centre Services understands the challenges facing people, therefore our company has designed technical support programs to assist our customers in remaining at the cutting edge of technology. We also have begun the process of implementing a 1300 number service enabling your customers to have direct access to our consultants for troubleshooting issues they may be experiencing with their device.

Sydney Repair Centre Services provides unlimited email support through our Help Desk facility meaning our customers can access support when it is needed most. If a training need is identified, Sydney Repair Centre Services can organise suitable and customised training to assist your workforce in getting the most out of their devices.

At Sydney Repair Centre Services we have a strong focus on providing excellent customer service. Therefore, when talking to one of our consultants, you can enjoy building a relationship with our dedicated team and be provided with customer service that has the personal touch.

Device Continuity
Sydney Repair Centre Services understands organisations need to minimise downtime where ever possible, therefore we provide device swap services. Unserviceable devices will be swapped with fully functional devices which will be delivered pre-activated and ready for use. We also transfer data (e.g. emails, contact details, etc.) from the unserviceable device to the device to be delivered enhancing the users experience.

Repair Services
Sydney Repair Centre Services provides organisations with repair services for mobile phones, tablet devices, laptops and cameras such as LCD replacement, water damage, physical damage, software issues, reception problems, charging issues, replacement housing, inspection reports and recycling.

All our repair centres use our custom built software to ensure we have complete control of all devices throughout the repair lifecycle. This, along with strict and enforced timelines, allows our clients to have peace of mind that we will do our utmost to keep costs to a minimum.

As an organisation, we invest heavily in research, development and training to remain as one of Australia’s most trusted and respected repair service organisations. Our technicians have a vast amount of experience and are constantly improving their skills to remain at the cutting edge of rapidly changing technology.

Sydney Repair Centre Services has repair centres based in New South Wales and Queensland with plans to expand to a national network. This enables costs such as logistics, insurance, etc. to be reduced. Individual staff members would also have the opportunity to be able to deliver faulty devices direct to our repair centres with appropriate documentation allowing individuals to experience over the counter service depending on fault diagnosis.

As devices are becoming more important and contain information that is very important to individuals/companies, your staff are welcome to contact our technicians directly if they feel there is a need to discuss what is happening to their handset.

Handset Refurbishment Service
To assist organisations in reducing costs, Sydney Repair Centre Services offers a handset refurbishment service.

Many companies purchase specific handsets that compliment their IT systems such as the Windows based HTC HD2. Our team of qualified technicians are able to refurbish handsets to manufacturer specifications. This means that your organisation can get the utmost value out of your existing fleet of devices, and temper the need to implement expensive IT system changes because previously purchased and proven handsets are no longer available.

All refurbished handsets carry a 6 month warranty on all parts and labour.

Cost Recovery for Superseded Devices
To assist organisations in reducing costs, Sydney Repair Centre Services is able to refurbish superseded devices to be on sold to buyers. All superseded devices are restored to factory settings and are inspected to ensure all data has been removed. Devices are then refurbished to industry standards and sold. All revenue from sales is directed back to your organisation.

This is an exclusive service to Sydney Repair Centre Services which makes us the Mobile Device Fleet Management leader in Australia.

Supply Chain Services
Our website has been designed to streamline the purchasing of devices and accessories. This purchasing system is complimented by our reporting capabilities enabling expenditure to be centralised and controlled.

Our commitment is to ensure equipment, delivered to our organisation as part of contractual arrangements, has been tested, configured and is delivered to the correct department, branch or cost centre ready for use. Within metropolitan areas, we offer next day delivery.

Sydney Repair Centre Services can also provide a full range of accessories to compliment your devices deployed to your workforce.

Billing Review Service
Sydney Repair Centre Services billing services takes the hassle out of monthly bill analysis and reporting. Your organisation will be provided with in depth customised reports which can be customised to integrate with your internal procedures.

Sydney Repair Centre Services bill analysis is a complete service designed to ensure compliance to rate plans. Reports can be analysed to identify indicative savings, usage profiles, and other requested customised reports. We ensure your devices have been implemented using the plans that were actually agreed to.

Sydney Repair Centre Services are also able to compare usage rates against all existing telecommunications provider plans to determine if it is cost effective to remain with current plans, or seek an alternate plan. Our team is more than capable of negotiating the best outcome for your organisation on your behalf.

We can also offer reports regarding after hours usage, long duration calls, SMS summaries, calls to special numbers (i.e. 1300) and many other categories.

Data Recovery Service
Sydney Repair Centre Services offers a data recovery service for several types of hard disk drives using any operating system, RAID arrays, digital camera memory cards, USB flash drives, mobile phones and other devices.

Application Development
Mobile technology is an integral part of any business today. Mobile phones, smart phones, Blackberry devices, PDAs and other mobile devices play a vital role within any organisation assisting the company to stay ahead of its competitors. In the fast paced environment of mobile technology, it is hard to imagine work without one or more of these devices.

Our team of IT professionals can help you design and develop applications for your mobile devices to allow your business to remain at the forefront of technology.